Property/hall rental

The Kosore Business Incubator

The Kosore Business Incubator includes 12 built and equipped functional spatial units (6 offices and 6 workshops). The office space is primarily intended for businesses that are less than 3 years old, while workshops are mostly intended for businesses that have been operating for more than 3 years.


The needs of entrepreneurs for workspace area capacities vary considerably. Therefore, the workshops are designed in such a way as to allow for adaptation through partitioning. This way, their size will be adjusted to the needs of the entrepreneurs.


5 office areas with a surface area of 27 m2 for business incubator tenants are furnished with all the necessary office and IT equipment, as well as internet access.

1 office area, 31.3 m2 in size, is equipped with all the office and IT equipment, as well as internet access and it will serve the enterprise support institution, which will offer the following advanced services:

– Accounting and legal services
– Administrative services
– Business advisory services/training
– Financial consultation and access to capital markets
– Promotion, connectivity and networking services with recognized national and international stakeholders
– Use of professional assistance in developing business ideas
– Mentoring services during start-up and while in the incubator
– Participation and presentations at professional conferences and information workshops

In addition to the basic services of subsidized office space and hall rental, incubator users will also be provided with the following:

– Free use of the meeting rooms equipped with multimedia equipment
– Free internet access (wi-fi)
– Use of fax and copy machines
– Registration of the company headquarters at the Business Incubator address
– Postal box rental
– Use of common working rooms (co-working areas)

6 workshops have an average area of 200 m2, designed in a way that allows for flexibility in partitioning in order to accommodate the size of the workshop to the needs of the entrepreneurs.

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