Virtual incubator

What is the Virtual Incubator?

The “Kosore” Business Incubator was established with the objective of supporting small and medium enterprises. The provision of business, technical and educational services along with an affordable lease of business premises, creates a business environment in which entrepreneurs have the appropriate conditions for growth and development.
The virtual incubator is a web platform developed in order to support small and medium-sized enterprises; a platform through which the “Kosore” Business Incubator provides business, technical and educational services to incubator tenants, as well as to entrepreneurs who are not physically located in the incubator.

Who is the Virtual Incubator designed for?

The Virtual Incubator Programme is intended for entrepreneurs who are not physically located in the incubator, as well as for entrepreneurs who have completed the incubation process at the Business Incubator. A natural person who has initiated the process of registering their company can also become a virtual tenant.

How to become a Virtual Incubator user?

Electronic identity in the Virtual Incubator system can be obtained by start-ups who have been operating for less than 2 years or by natural persons who have initiated the registration process.
To become a Virtual Incubator tenant, an entrepreneur must complete the application form listed on our site.

What services does the Virtual Incubator provide?

– Consultancy services
– Networking with other entrepreneurs and support institutions
– Use of the co-working area, meeting rooms, presentations and training according to schedule
– Presentation of products or services provided by the entrepreneur on the web site
– Use of the business database
– Training – seminars

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